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Conveyor belts

THEAM concrete conveyor belts for flexible, quick and easy unloading of concrete, stone and gravel.

Conveying distances from 12 meter to16,5meter. Telescoping possible up to 9 meters. Weights from 2000 kg to 3700 kg.
Discharge rate up to 60 m³/h.

Can be delivered with hydraulic 360°rotating chute.

All conveyor belts are delivered with angled stabilizers.

Conveyor belts with 4and 5 m telescoping are delivered with hydraulic stabilizers with extensions to the right and to the left.

The telescoping possibilities are 2 m and 4 m or double telescoping where 2nd section is telescoped 3,8 m and 3rd section is telescoped 1,2 m.

Can be mounted on 3 axled and 4 axled chassis and on trailers.

Stationary or demountable. With or without remote control radio.

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16,5 meter lightweight conveyor belt, 3-sections with double telescoping (3,8 + 1,2 meter).

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Concrete conveyor belt type T3D16



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