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Lubrication before pumping of concrete.

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Instead of using the usual "start-up" in the concrete from the mixing plant, Bekoteknik is now able to offer a new product, Prime A Pump, for lubrication before the concrete is pumped through.

The Prime A Pump powder is mixed with water and poured into the hopper prior to the arrival of the mixer.

This has the advantage that the mixer can mix while underway to meet the pump, since it does not have the usual cement mixture lying at the top.

The pump operator has more control over the process, and can mix the lubrication as he wants it.

In addition, Prime A Pump is cheaper than cement, so it should be a win-win situation.

Prime A Pump can be used in all types of concrete pumps and piping systems.
Contains an environmentally friendly antifreeze, which means it can be used even in sub-zero temperatures.

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