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Rhino Hyde

Original Rhino Hyde® has become the standard scale when compairing to other urethane plates

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Since 1965 Rhino Hyde® has been market leader when it comes to abrasion resistant linings.
Unlike other makes of urethane linings, Rhino Hyde® linings are custom made in order to meet the customers specific requirements regarding abrasion, chemical resistance, temperature resistance etc.

In addition there is a 7 year guarantee on Rhino Hyde® linings.

Rhino Hyde® products can be used in many other industries besides the concrete industry.
Bekoteknik has had exclusive distribution right in the Nordic countries since September 2012.

In the course of that time vi have delivered Rhino DeckTM grates for washing gold, Rhino Hyde® sheets with steel backing and cotton backing for lining of inlet hoppers as well as Rhino Hyde® linings for drum mixers. Linings can be welded or bolted on.

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