About us

Bekoteknik provides high-tech solutions and technical machines for the production and transport of ready-mixed concrete. For more than 45 years, we have been a guarantor of innovative solutions in the concrete industry.

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Our products

Our products are characterized by their innovative and durable quality as well as functional designs. Our products are mobile and flexible, and we are happy to make customised solutions specifically for your company.

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At Bekoteknik, we value security and trust. That is why we are always ready with professional advice and guidance regarding our products. We also offer nationwide 24-hour service. Please do not hesitate to contact us, if you have any questions or need help.

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Terms and conditions

Terms and conditions

Here you will find our current terms and conditions regarding sales and delivery. You will always be able to find the updated terms and conditions on this page.

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Selected products

Betonkanon - Specialfremstillede betonkanoner efter jeres ønsker - Mange års erfaring - DKs bedste service

Concrete cannons

Bekoteknik sells high-tech concrete cannons in top quality from German company Stetton. The cannons have capacities from 6 m³ to 15 m³ and can be customised to your needs. With our concrete cannons you are guaranteed a quick and easy unloading.
Betonpumper fra Schwing i topkvalitet og klar til brug med det samme.

Concrete pumps

Our concrete pumps are solid and thoroughly tested high-end products from Schwing. The pumps are in absolute top class and come with 3, 4 or 5 arms. Various additional accessories for the products are also available.
Topkvalitets THEAM betonaflæsningsbånd giver fleksibel, hurtig og enkel aflæsning.

Concrete conveyor belt

Bekoteknik has conveyor belts for every need. We sell three types of THEAM conveyor belts in the highest and most durable quality. With our conveyor belt, you are guaranteed a flexible, fast and efficient solution.
Primo vaskeanlæg - PrimoWasher - et vaskeanlæg til tromlen på betonbiler

Primo Washing Plant

PRIMOVASK is our exclusive and efficient washing solution for your drums.
With our plant, expensive and time-consuming residual concrete is avoided. In just 8 minutes the drums are shining again and you are ready to go!
Betonanlæg - CP30 – et højteknologisk betonanlæg fra Stetter i absolut weltklasse.

Concrete plants

CP30 – a world-class high-tech concrete plant from German company Stetter.

CP30 gives you concrete of the highest quality thanks to both horizontal and vertical mix + it is incredibly flexible and easy to pack and transport.

Mørtelpumper - Mobile og innovative løsninger for den professionelle håndværker.

Mortar pumps

At Bekoteknik, we offer reliable and proven mortar pumps in top quality.
We carry a wide selection from two of the leading suppliers in the market. The products are characterized by high abrasion resistance and long durability.